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Thousands of people have been using the Mizter anti static strap all over the world.

"For years I have experienced extreme fatigue and falling asleep when driving
- even on a short one hour trip. So, to have experienced such immediate and dramatic results since using your Mizter anti static strap deserves recognition.

The difference in my mental alertness during a 10-hour drive (in the evening hour) and resulting energy after this long drive was impressive. I did not have to stop to rest, walk, eat and all the other tricks .I used to stay awake in the past.
At the end of my 10-hour drive, I also had lots of energy left to visit with family.

On hearing of my experience both my sister and a dear friend have successfully used your anti-static device to eliminate their vehicles from shocking them. Additionally, as a passenger in their cars, I would have normally been very motion sick. This did not happen even when I rode in the backseat! (Wow, I wish we had used this when I was a kid.) My family is sold on the validity of the Mizter. It was such a simple and practical approach. Thanks for your innovative work.


Juanell L. - GermanTown, TN   Back to the Top


"I used to experience static shock each time I got in or out of my car. From the time I began using a Mizter antistatic strip under my car, I have not been bothered or experienced this problem. I recommend this product highly.


Violene C - MArietta, GA   Back to the Top


"As you know I am a mother of two children and given that I spend a lot of time in my car driving them around the motion sickness experienced by my daughter has become a real problem. I have tried to solve that problem using different techniques. I have especially tried motion sickness medication but it was not very effective and my daughter felt constantly sleepy.

I followed your advice and I have installed a Mizter antistatic strap on my car and since then my daughter has experienced complete and total relief from her motion sickness problem. She is not cranky anymore when she rides the car and does not fear going in the car as she used to.

Thank you so much again for your valuable advice, it really has changed my daughter's perception of car traveling and has made our family trips much more enjoyable, peaceful and pleasant.

Best regards,"

Violene C - MArietta, GA   Back to the Top


"We wanted to let you know how much Mizter antistatic straps have helped. Not only have they completely eliminated static shock, but we have also enjoyed less fatigue on our many long trips to see our grand children in Decatur, Alabama and our friends in Jacksonville, Florida.

We been so completely sold on the Mizter anti static strap that we have them on all four of our vehicles. Our only problem is telling the many people who inquire about the strip, where they can easily purchase them.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and thank you for introducing the Mizter strap to us.

Wishing all the best.
George W. M. Hilda W. M.   Back to the Top


"Over 20 years ago I had a large, very carsick dog. A friend of mine introduced me to the antistatic strap, a necessity for him as he traveled so much with show dogs.

It worked!

For the past 2 weeks I have been searching for another one - to no a - until I found you. I am thrilled, for now I shall have the freedom of being able to travel with my new puppy and not have to leave him behind.

I highly recommend the Mizter to anyone and everyone who has the misfortune of having a carsick dog. Ii transforms the lives of both owner and dog to happy ones.

Thanks you so much! Sincerely"

Phillis S. - Chatam, MA   Back to the Top


"I drive a Dodge pickup truck with all terrain tires. This insulating quality of the tires caused a static charge to build up when driving. The first person out of the truck would always get a painful shock! I have two small dogs that love riding in my wife's car, but would cry whenever in my truck. One day I Googled static shock and truck and dogs and found your site! The letters on your site described exactly what was happening to us! I ordered a Mizter anti static strap and it took about one minute to install. I am very pleased to say no one has had a static shock since! Additionally, my "boys" now love riding in my truck as much as a car!
Thank you for a wonderful product!


Christopher S.   Back to the Top


"I just wanted to write you to let you know how pleased I am with the Mizter anti static strip. Ever since I put it on my car, my safety has not been threatened by intense weariness at the wheel. I used to be plagued by the 'drowsy driver syndrome" resorting to turning the radio up and the thermostat way down in my attempt to stay as alert as possible.

It used to be especially frightening to drive on evenings when I was the least bit tired. With the Mizter antis static strap I am once again awake and alert, and have regained my sense of well-being in the car.


Naomi U.   Back to the Top



Used with success all over World for more than 20 Years!


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